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RARE AND UNUSUAL Vintage Wallpaper

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  • ASE-4
    $300.00 ASE-4
    Blocks of soft grey, light green, and pale pink geometric background with foreground of luscious strawberries and leaves. Such a beauty.
  • ASE-10
    $300.00 ASE-10
    1920 cottages on geometric background. Soft yellow, grey, coral and all beautiful pastel colors. Saved in my private collection of American 1920 kitchen papers
  • RE-1018
    $300.00 RE-1018
    the last image is of this walloper in my kitchen in New York. Need I say more. Gorgeous and brilliant 1920-30 American wallpaer. In a geometric with primary color flowers.
  • R-658
    $250.00 R-658
    Baroque tapestry French wallpaper in rich dark green, gold and cream. Looks like a woven tapestry classic and gorgeous
  • Flock-162
    $300.00 Flock-162
    A velvet flock in golden yellow and warm brown with a tribal pattern. Truly chic and gorgeous.
  • Flock-157
    $350.00 Flock-157
    A velvet flock wallpaper in the softest mint green velvet. Abstract floral pattern in an all over print. One of my most beautiful Flocks. A real gem.
  • AR-18
    $200.00 AR-18
    1940's Modernist wallpaper by Walcrest. This is as chic as it gets! Stylized pattern in greys and maroons. Surreal 3 dimensional scrolls with a grey and white leafy fern back. Dorothy Draper would have loved this. If you...
  • PR-3
    $250.00 PR-3
    The best and last double roll of my private child wallpapers. It speaks for itself. From the 1920-30's. Hand print of nursery rhyme motifs. Jack and Jill tumble down hill!!
  • SL-23B
    $300.00 SL-23B
    1920 cottages on geometric pattern in soft blues and primary colors. Best design from my private collection of the rarest of American wallpapers
  • SL-50
    $200.00 SL-50
    From my private collection, the last double roll of an anazing floral. Maroon background with grey and taupe leaves in an oversized dramatic print.
  • RE-42
    $250.00 RE-42
    wallpaper from 1910 in Wiener Werkstatte design on a cream grid background. Tourqoise, red, orange, and all lucious colors. A very rare wallpaper indeed.
  • RLS-6
    $250.00 RLS-6
    Very early 1910-20's wallpaper. Grid in black on faux marble backgroud with little pots of flowers. One of my earliest wallpapers
  • RSL-42
    $250.00 RSL-42
    grey background on this lovely 1930-40 wallpaper from my private collection. Two vertical columes with tones of grey, white and peach leaves. A very stylish classic American paper from the period. Really lovely.
  • SL-16
    $200.00 SL-16
    The last roll from my private collection of the most beautiful of American wallpapers. Barkcloth like paper printed with vertical panels of soft leaves with a stripe. Just exquisite.
  • R-302
    $200.00 R-302
    Very rare Tempera hand print from France. Looks hand painted, this is the finest of French wallpapers. Traditional design
  • RE-201A wallpaper
    $250.00 RE-201A wallpaper
    very rare 1920 kitchen wallpaper. Collectors item.

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