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RARE AND UNUSUAL Vintage Wallpaper

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  • SL-562
    $250.00 SL-562
    Gorgeous barkcloth like pattern and paper. From the 1940's. As good as it gets, last roll from private Stock. Grey back with bouquets in white, silver, and chartreuse. Stylized leaves in 4 tones of green.
  • SL-4
    $250.00 SL-4
    These medallion papers are always some of my favorites. 1920's print so dramatic with cranberrie arches and beads of pearls encasing a romantic scenic of a faraway garden and folly. 
  • CS-2
    $250.00 CS-2
    Last roll of one of the most elegant wallpapers I've ever had. Beyond gorgeous use of a stylized 1930's pattern. Soft white, grey, and silver deco flowers on a pressed 3 dimensional background of soft pink, blue, and brown...
  • real grass#9
    $300.00 real grass#9
    This is not faux grass paper. It's a real grass wallpaper marked 'made in Japan.' For a store in San Francisco." It's an iridescent woven grass in the most beautiful shade of green. I loved this paper so much, that I...
  • Flock-98
    $450.00 Flock-98
    Elegant velvet Flock of bamboo and palms on a creamy silk-like background. The velvet palms and bamboo are a slightly darker cream.
  • Flock-97
    $500.00 Flock-97
    Rare velvet flock of palm trees. On a green silk-like background, pale green and mustard yellow palms and bamboo in rich velvet.
  • RT-588
    $350.00 RT-588
    This triple or quadruple roll of mylar wallpaper is just the best geometric pattern. Silver and maroon optical illusions form a pattern that you can't take your eyes off. the best of the best
  • RT-586
    $350.00 RT-586
    L'art Nouveau original wallpaper in a huge triple roll. Last of my private collection. Giant white Casablanca lilies on a robins egg blue and maroon background. This is a vertical pattern
  • RT-584
    $300.00 RT-584
    This stripe of a huge triple roll looks like your dream cabana. Beyond dynamic simply gorgeous
  • RT-583
    $300.00 RT-583
    Last triple roll of approx. 100 square feet. The strongest, most dramatic of all papers I've ever had. Illusions in red white and blue
  • Flock-84
    $250.00 Flock-84
    Unusual pop art pattern involves flock. Yellow and green stylized flowers in geometric grid. Totally adorable and beautiful. 
  • Flock-74
    $300.00 Flock-74
    Lush formal green and white super thick flock in vertical pattern of white small leaves on metallic green
  • Flock-7
    $200.00 Flock-7
    abstract yellow mottled flock has a marbleized effect with yellow and pale green subtle accents
  • Flock-56
    $200.00 Flock-56
    Dramatic blue Flock from the 1940's with a vertical pattern of silvered and white stripes. Romantic and pure drama.
  • Flock-44
    $300.00 Flock-44
    Welcome the 4th of July. Strong red, white, and blue. Part mylar with velvet flock red stripes. RED White and Blue with yellow accents. True primary color on this amazingly strong pattern. It is so powerful! What a pool...
  • Flock-141
    $300.00 Flock-141
     Thick velvet and luxurious yellow vertical 1940's flock. 4 fabulous rolls of 74 square feet each

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