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RARE AND UNUSUAL Vintage Wallpaper

  • AR-18
    $200.00 AR-18
    1940's Modernist wallpaper by Walcrest. This is as chic as it gets! Stylized pattern in greys and maroons. Surreal 3 dimensional scrolls with a grey and white leafy fern back. Dorothy Draper would have loved this. If you...
  • AR-30
    $200.00 AR-30
    Very dramatic wallpaper showing sailing on high seas. Grey with pink and white. Beautifully rendered.
  • AS-10
    $300.00 AS-10
    A rare 1910 print of a floral wallpaper with a brown basketweave background. Beautifully rendered white rose-like bouquets in a diamond pattern make this such a rich and important American wallpaper.
  • AS-100
    $300.00 AS-100
    This amazing wallpaper is from 1880's. The last of my extensive Aesthetic Movement papers. I have 5 double rolls of this remarkable original print. A warm brown background in a remarkable pixelated pattern, with medallions...
  • AS-12
    $350.00 AS-12
    From my private collection, the last double roll of one of the best examples of American wallpaper from the 1930's. Wide vertical bands of powder blue and cream serve as the background to a firework of stylized palms in red,...
  • AS-13
    $300.00 AS-13
    Printed in the 1920's, this amazing floral wallpaper, from my private collection. The last double roll of stylized flowers in the colors of sherbet ices. One of the best I have ever had. An inspiration!!
  • AS-16
    $300.00 AS-16
    Amazing 1930's wallpaper with a geometric pattern. Creamy background with light brown free form mosaic. Olive green grid with oranges, reds, green and black secessionist pattern. Hand printed, and full of those details that...
  • AS-18
    $300.00 AS-18
    Very early American wallpaper from the 1920's. Very chic and sophisticated branches in black with blooms of grey and brick, and mauve. all on a grey background. Has an amazing modernist color palette.
  • BR-641
    $200.00 BR-641
    the following group of papers are French printed in the 1960's based on traditional French patterns. They are of the highest quality printing and include multiple tones of copper, gold, and brass pigments...
  • BR-652
    $250.00 BR-652
  • BR-654
    $250.00 BR-654
    one of my most elegant vintage damask wallpapers. Highest quality printing done in France. Classical and timeless damask.
  • This gorgeous paper is a rich Edwardian pattern in a 3 dimensional view. The most elegant of all me papers.
    $250.00 BR-655
    French damask 3 dimensional rich brocade... This is a true Edwardian pattern of the richest and most elegant design. I love it!!
  • BR-659
    $250.00 BR-659
    Amazing and shocking damask from France. Bold bronze, green and brown huge scale. A major statement in any room. Highest quality printing.
  • D-31
    $300.00 D-31
    REAL wood veneer custom made in Tokyo in the 1950's for a client in San Francisco
  • D-32
    $300.00 D-32
    This amazing paper is REAL wood veneer custom made in Tokyo in the 1950's for a client in San Francisco
  • D-33
    $300.00 D-33
    REAL WOOD veneer wallpaper made in Tokyo for a client in San Francisco. Rare, exquisite.

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