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DAMASK Wallpaper

Vintage Damask Wallpaper

  • A-130 white
    $150.00 A-130 white
  • A-130 yellow
    $150.00 A-130 yellow
     1940's block print vintage wallpaper beautiful flowing pattern.
  • A-146
    $150.00 A-146
  • AG-108
    $200.00 AG-108
    Pink and blue at its best. Little girls room or little boys room. Very rare to find such an accommodating wallpaper. The sweetest blue triangular grid background with white scallops and polka dot rectangles of pink and blue...
  • AR-20
    $200.00 AR-20
    Victorian wallpaper with the appearance of a tapestry. Cream with subtle hues of pears, cherries, and grapes. Truly remarkable very early wallpaper, from my private collection.
  • AR-280
    $150.00 AR-280
    The softest pink background, very subtle weave. With delicate sprays pale blue and white feathery leaves. The perfect calm background for any room. This wallpaper is from 1930's
  • AR-70
    $150.00 AR-70
    Stunning floral and stripe wallpaper. Vertical white and grey bouquets alternate with cranberry, purple and white stripes. 
  • AS-10
    $300.00 AS-10
    A rare 1910 print of a floral wallpaper with a brown basketweave background. Beautifully rendered white rose-like bouquets in a diamond pattern make this such a rich and important American wallpaper.
  • AS-100
    $300.00 AS-100
    This amazing wallpaper is from 1880's. The last of my extensive Aesthetic Movement papers. I have 5 double rolls of this remarkable original print. A warm brown background in a remarkable pixelated pattern, with medallions...
  • AS-18
    $300.00 AS-18
    Very early American wallpaper from the 1920's. Very chic and sophisticated branches in black with blooms of grey and brick, and mauve. all on a grey background. Has an amazing modernist color palette.
  • AS-20
    $250.00 AS-20
    This is am American wallpaper printed in 1910-15. Typical of the period hand screened in softest pastels, on gold background all over print with a rich tapestry feel. Just gorgeous!
  • AT-100
    $200.00 AT-100
    Triple roll of 1940 wallpaper on a cream background with the most beautiful colored flowers tumbling. There are 90 square feet on each roll. Just gorgeous paper.
  • B-133A
    $150.00 B-133A
    This is the last of the amazing ceiling papers that I collected. Meant to blend in, they were some of the most remarkable of the early papers I collected. Beautiful in their own right, most clients hung on the walls. This...
  • BR-10
    $150.00 BR-10
    Very subtle and sweet pale 1930-40's wallpaper. White and grey tones of a pale vertical floral with lavender and silver stripes. Soft and appealing pattern.
  • BR-641
    $200.00 BR-641
    the following group of papers are French printed in the 1960's based on traditional French patterns. They are of the highest quality printing and include multiple tones of copper, gold, and brass pigments...
  • BR-652
    $250.00 BR-652

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