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  • SL-205
    $200.00 SL-205
    Classic 1930's all over floral in blues and whites
  • SL-562
    $250.00 SL-562
    Gorgeous barkcloth like pattern and paper. From the 1940's. As good as it gets, last roll from private Stock. Grey back with bouquets in white, silver, and chartreuse. Stylized leaves in 4 tones of green.
  • CS-2
    $250.00 CS-2
    Last roll of one of the most elegant wallpapers I've ever had. Beyond gorgeous use of a stylized 1930's pattern. Soft white, grey, and silver deco flowers on a pressed 3 dimensional background of soft pink, blue, and brown...
  • RL-32
    $250.00 RL-32
    Beautiful classic Chinoiserie wallpaper. printed 1940's. Fantasy flowers in yellow, persimmon, blue and brown, with green leaves on a grey-beige background. Very elegant.
  • SL-33
    $200.00 SL-33
    Opulent all over floral pattern. Cascades of ripe blooms in yellows, and grey-greens, and terra cotta. exquisite
  • SB-31
    $300.00 SB-31
    Dramatic dreamy. Whats better than black and gold. Last roll from private collection
  • Flock-98
    $450.00 Flock-98
    Elegant velvet Flock of bamboo and palms on a creamy silk-like background. The velvet palms and bamboo are a slightly darker cream.
  • RT-586
    $350.00 RT-586
    L'art Nouveau original wallpaper in a huge triple roll. Last of my private collection. Giant white Casablanca lilies on a robins egg blue and maroon background. This is a vertical pattern
  • Flock-161
    $300.00 Flock-161
    unusual flock with a white background and sprays of yellow and taupe flowers with green stems. Charming
  • Q-38brown
    $150.00 Q-38brown
    Scenic pattern with exotic landscapes in boxes with decorative moldings. Warn brown, maroon, green, and yellow.
  • QC-34
    $150.00 QC-34
    Rich scenic wallpaper with a pale terra cotta background. Fantasy landscape of soaring columns and castles in air. Completely overlaid with opulent green ivy. Really Fab!!!
  • E-108
    $150.00 E-108
    White back with charming old Dutch pattern in primary colors.
  • AR-20
    $200.00 AR-20
    Victorian wallpaper with the appearance of a tapestry. Cream with subtle hues of pears, cherries, and grapes. Truly remarkable very early wallpaper, from my private collection.
  • R-682
    $250.00 R-682
    Chinese Aesthetic Movement, Chinoiserie, all of this in this fabulous wallpaper. Broken China with embossed gold grout in the perfect Blue and white pattern. DIVINE!!!
  • RE-40
    $200.00 RE-40
    1920s varnished wallpaper with creamy background vertical bands of flowers. Charming bucolic scenes of the country life.
  • Q-35 brown
    $150.00 Q-35 brown
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