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  • P-18A
    $200.00 P-18A
    Stunning Oriental scenic with palms in a modernist pattern. Very chic
  • BZ-3
    $250.00 BZ-3
    Last 2 rolls of this lovely floral from the 1920's. Amazing design in an overall pattern. Exquisite on the wall.
  • RL-32
    $250.00 RL-32
    Beautiful classic Chinoiserie wallpaper. printed 1940's. Fantasy flowers in yellow, persimmon, blue and brown, with green leaves on a grey-beige background. Very elegant.
  • Flock-98
    $450.00 Flock-98
    Elegant velvet Flock of bamboo and palms on a creamy silk-like background. The velvet palms and bamboo are a slightly darker cream.
  • Flock-97
    $500.00 Flock-97
    Rare velvet flock of palm trees. On a green silk-like background, pale green and mustard yellow palms and bamboo in rich velvet.
  • Flock-161
    $300.00 Flock-161
    unusual flock with a white background and sprays of yellow and taupe flowers with green stems. Charming
  • Q-38brown
    $150.00 Q-38brown
    Scenic pattern with exotic landscapes in boxes with decorative moldings. Warn brown, maroon, green, and yellow.
  • AR-20
    $200.00 AR-20
    Victorian wallpaper with the appearance of a tapestry. Cream with subtle hues of pears, cherries, and grapes. Truly remarkable very early wallpaper, from my private collection.
  • RE-40
    $200.00 RE-40
    1920s varnished wallpaper with creamy background vertical bands of flowers. Charming bucolic scenes of the country life.
  • Q-35 brown
    $150.00 Q-35 brown
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  • H-35
    $150.00 H-35
      Great 1940's all over pattern. Perfect for any 40"s interior.
  • Q-35
    $150.00 Q-35
     Little vignettes surrounded by ivy of scenic houses. 1940 wallpaper. Scenic. Vintage 1940's elegant parlor room or dining room vintage...
  • QC-116
    $250.00 QC-116
  • RS-13
    $150.00 RS-13
  • RS-14
    $150.00 RS-14
  • QC-90
    $250.00 QC-90
      This wallpaper is a triple roll of 90 square feet. Beautiful Landscape in periwinkle blue with a fantasy land of house and sky and water...

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