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  • KT-193*
    $250.00 KT-193*
    Triple rolls of 90-100 square feet each. Fabulous and chic in the manner of Dorothy Draper
  • RE-131A
    $250.00 RE-131A
    Last double roll of this amazing varnished wallpaper. Heavily varnished finish creamy background with a framed grid of green and black, and silver, overlaid with red geraniums, ivy and leaves. So realistic and well rendered...
  • RSL-5
    $250.00 RSL-5
    This American wallpaper is last of my private collection. From the cottage papers. The softest cream and pale yellow geometric background, again using the paper itself as a color. Soft little pots of ivy in pale greens and...
  • AH-1
    $200.00 AH-1
    Red and white checkerboard frames enclose a silver back with black pots of florals in primary colors. American wallpaper printed in 1940-50
  • ASE-4
    $300.00 ASE-4
    Blocks of soft grey, light green, and pale pink geometric background with foreground of luscious strawberries and leaves. Such a beauty.
  • E-20
    $250.00 E-20
    Using the newsprint as part of the color, a soft yellow and green plaid background makes this one of the most lovely wallpapers. Plates in white and touches of silver with apples, strawberries, etc. Stunning
  • ASE-10
    $300.00 ASE-10
    1920 cottages on geometric background. Soft yellow, grey, coral and all beautiful pastel colors. Saved in my private collection of American 1920 kitchen papers
  • RE-1018
    $300.00 RE-1018
    the last image is of this walloper in my kitchen in New York. Need I say more. Gorgeous and brilliant 1920-30 American wallpaer. In a geometric with primary color flowers.
  • Q-38brown
    $150.00 Q-38brown
    Scenic pattern with exotic landscapes in boxes with decorative moldings. Warn brown, maroon, green, and yellow.
  • G-48
    $150.00 G-48
    A 1940's wallpaper in maroon, white, grey and black. An interesting grid with zig zag pattern and florals in rectangles.
  • DT-17green
    $300.00 DT-17green
    Triple roll of 90 square feet in beautiful woven patters and wide stripes in medium green and silver
  • DK-102
    $150.00 DK-102
    A 1950's vinyl in a geometric grid in brown and white. Very chic.
  • D-269brown
    $150.00 D-269brown
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  • D-269
    $150.00 D-269
    Stunning plaid in greens 
  • DF-250
    $150.00 DF-250
    Softest pink plaid 1930 wallpaper. Really beautiful rendering, as all early plaids have this amazing 3 dimensional quality
  • DA-285
    $150.00 DA-285
    Interesting 1950's textured stripe wallpaper in yellow, orange, and green on white back.

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