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  • AH-200
    $200.00 AH-200
    Heartbroken, it's my last roll of this great wallpaper. So charming, it has always been one of my favorites. Faux wood background with shadows that make it unique. The sweetest blue rectangles filled with spring flowers in...
  • AR-14
    $150.00 AR-14
    Early wallpaper 1920's printed on newsprint(as they did during the depression) Simple cream on Crean gris with block print green and orange patterns
  • AR-18
    $200.00 AR-18
    1940's Modernist wallpaper by Walcrest. This is as chic as it gets! Stylized pattern in greys and maroons. Surreal 3 dimensional scrolls with a grey and white leafy fern back. Dorothy Draper would have loved this. If you...
  • AS-16
    $300.00 AS-16
    Amazing 1930's wallpaper with a geometric pattern. Creamy background with light brown free form mosaic. Olive green grid with oranges, reds, green and black secessionist pattern. Hand printed, and full of those details that...
  • AS-17
    $300.00 AS-17
    Breathtaking 1930's wallpaper with geometric pattern in coral, grey, green, and white. Creamy white with small grey dots is background for a geometric and floral motif that assaults you with its beauty. The grey and coral...
  • C-53 blue
    $150.00 C-53 blue
    1940's  very typical wallpaper of vertical stripes alternating with basket weave and leaf and floral motif. Perfect for Modernist dining room or bedroom. Rich blue with taupe and silver accents.
  • C-53 green
    $150.00 C-53 green
    1940's very typical wallpaper comprised of vertical stripes of basket weave pattern with complimentary vertical floral. Perfect for Modernist dining room. Rich warm green with taupe and silver accents. A real...
  • D-104
    $150.00 D-104
    Beautiful 1940's stripe wallpaper in pink, blue, pale lavender, and silver stripes. So perfect for a babies room. amazing in person. 
  • D-11
    $150.00 D-11
    Pale pinks and blues in a 1940's stripe, really sweet and beautiful.
  • D-150
    $200.00 D-150
  • D-158
    $150.00 D-158
    1940 stripe in maroon, grey, and white. Very chic.
  • D-159
    $150.00 D-159
     Great 1950's plaid in red, white, and blue. 
  • D-167 GREEN
    $150.00 D-167 GREEN
  • D-202
    $100.00 D-202
    Slate background with dramatic maroon and silver stripes. Really elegant American wallpaper from the 1940's.
  • D-209
    $150.00 D-209
  • D-209 DARK
    $150.00 D-209 DARK

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