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NOVELTY Wallpaper

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  • E-20
    $250.00 E-20
    Using the newsprint as part of the color, a soft yellow and green plaid background makes this one of the most lovely wallpapers. Plates in white and touches of silver with apples, strawberries, etc. Stunning
  • E-213
    $100.00 E-213
    1950's all over pattern
  • ER-211
    $200.00 ER-211
    amazing kitchen/dinning wallpaper. Pale yellow background with magical bowl of fruit, hanging lanterns, dripping with ivy and leaves. Just fabulous!
  • Flock-27
    $300.00 Flock-27
    Velvet flock in blues and greens. Very charming stripe with stylized daisies
  • FR-552
    $250.00 FR-552
    Pop Art, psychedelic, so chic in blacks and tans. Op art aesthetic. This is FAB!!!!
  • M-11
    $150.00 M-11
    Pale subtle Moroccan tile room. Classic with damaged and distressed look.
  • MTF-1
    $200.00 MTF-1
    early 1920's wallpaper with varnish finish. Playful abstract patchwork, never saw anything like it. Really adorable!!
  • P-103
    $150.00 P-103
    Early 20th century trains, trains, and more trains
  • P-110
    $150.00 P-110
  • P-27
    $100.00 P-27
    grey 1950's cartoon cowboys and full dress Indians with polka dot tee pees
  • P-75
    $150.00 P-75
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  • P-92
    $100.00 P-92
  • P-94
    $150.00 P-94
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  • P-99
    $100.00 P-99
  • PR-3
    $250.00 PR-3
    The best and last double roll of my private child wallpapers. It speaks for itself. From the 1920-30's. Hand print of nursery rhyme motifs. Jack and Jill tumble down hill!!
  • Q-129
    $200.00 Q-129

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