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KITCHEN Wallpaper

Antique & Vintage Kitchen Wallpaper

  • WR-1
    $150.00 WR-1
    Very simple chic 1950-60 wallpaper pattern
  • Q-135
    $150.00 Q-135
    Toile farm scenic.Pale nutmeg background with blue chickens in typical barnyard scene. Very chic!
  • E-176
    $150.00 E-176
    Background of 2 tone grey plywood on geometric pattern With vases and bowl of bouquets of primary color flowers. 
  • E-96
    $150.00 E-96
    Cute 1950 wallpaper for you kitchen.White back with red and grey cutting boards and rolling pins forming a great horizontal pattern.
  • E-108
    $150.00 E-108
    White back with charming old Dutch pattern in primary colors.
  • C-105
    $150.00 C-105
    This wallpaper feels like a tropical paradise. Louvered shutters in cream color with pink and green ivy tumbling.
  • E-45
    $150.00 E-45
    Totally adorable unique and charming kitchen or dinette wallpaper. Sunny yellow background with outdoor window boxes full of blooms and red and white awnings. T00 cute
  • BE-200
    $150.00 BE-200
    Adorable with a capital A. Red checkerboard squares with little pots of flowers sitting on a shelf of gingham.
  • ER-211
    $200.00 ER-211
    amazing kitchen/dinning wallpaper. Pale yellow background with magical bowl of fruit, hanging lanterns, dripping with ivy and leaves. Just fabulous!
  • B-126
    $150.00 B-126
    very sweet 1940-50's kitchen-dining room paper. Brown bamboo slates in vertical and horizontal grid with bunches of grapes, red floral bouquets, and green leaves. Adorable!
  • RE-128 pink
    $150.00 RE-128 pink
     1940-50's kitchen or dining wallpaper. Geometric and floral.
  • M-11
    $150.00 M-11
    Pale subtle Moroccan tile room. Classic with damaged and distressed look.
  • E-207
    $150.00 E-207
    Great 1950's kitchen wallpaper with wine glasses, cruets, pepper mills, and assorted kitchen images. On a grey background.
  • E-205
    $150.00 E-205
     crazy kitchen paper. Just fabulous colors and design. Wood grain background with potholders in every pattern nailed to the wood.
  • RE-200
    $200.00 RE-200
    Yellow background kitchen wallpaper from the 1930's. Stylized geometric shelves hold deco designed flowers. Totally charming.
  • RLS-6
    $250.00 RLS-6
    Very early 1910-20's wallpaper. Grid in black on faux marble backgroud with little pots of flowers. One of my earliest wallpapers

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