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FLORAL Wallpaper

  • KT-192dark
    $250.00 KT-192dark
    Triple roll of 100 square feet. Really dynamic mylar from the 1970's. Accurate color is on first thumb nail. 
  • Flock-97
    $500.00 Flock-97
    Rare velvet flock of palm trees. On a green silk-like background, pale green and mustard yellow palms and bamboo in rich velvet.
  • RT-586
    $350.00 RT-586
    L'art Nouveau original wallpaper in a huge triple roll. Last of my private collection. Giant white Casablanca lilies on a robins egg blue and maroon background. This is a vertical pattern
  • RT-585
    $350.00 RT-585
    Huge triple or quadruple roll of white plastic finish with outrageous Mums in shocking pink and green. The biggest statement od wallpaper you can make
  • W-57
    $200.00 W-57
    Silver, charcoal, and red stripes on this vinyl with white and black daisies. Charming
  • K-170
    $200.00 K-170
    Simply gorgeous floral mylar. It's Alive
  • K-149blue
    $150.00 K-149blue
    subtle pale blue leaves on silver mylar
  • Flock-31A
    $350.00 Flock-31A
    The most playful and gorgeous Flock. Yellow and orange velvet stylized buds on a green velvet stipe. One of my all time favorite papers
  • Flock-161
    $300.00 Flock-161
    unusual flock with a white background and sprays of yellow and taupe flowers with green stems. Charming
  • K-44
    $200.00 K-44
    Pale lime 1970 mylar in a vertical pattern consisting of small tumbling flowers in white and silver. Vertical silver grid stripes alternating. Very chic and subtle.
  • AH-1
    $200.00 AH-1
    Red and white checkerboard frames enclose a silver back with black pots of florals in primary colors. American wallpaper printed in 1940-50
  • H-24
    $200.00 H-24
    A 1930-40 wallpaper In pinks, blues, and white with coral accents. Free flowing pattern of feathery leaves over a grid of pink and blue squares.
  • QC-34
    $150.00 QC-34
    Rich scenic wallpaper with a pale terra cotta background. Fantasy landscape of soaring columns and castles in air. Completely overlaid with opulent green ivy. Really Fab!!!
  • E-108
    $150.00 E-108
    White back with charming old Dutch pattern in primary colors.
  • BE-200
    $150.00 BE-200
    Adorable with a capital A. Red checkerboard squares with little pots of flowers sitting on a shelf of gingham.
  • AR-280
    $150.00 AR-280
    The softest pink background, very subtle weave. With delicate sprays pale blue and white feathery leaves. The perfect calm background for any room. This wallpaper is from 1930's

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