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  • D-112 teal
    $150.00 D-112 teal
    My fabulous faux button in an unusual teal
  • real grass#9
    $300.00 real grass#9
    This is not faux grass paper. It's a real grass wallpaper marked 'made in Japan.' For a store in San Francisco." It's an iridescent woven grass in the most beautiful shade of green. I loved this paper so much, that I...
  • Flock-7
    $200.00 Flock-7
    abstract yellow mottled flock has a marbleized effect with yellow and pale green subtle accents
  • DT-17green
    $300.00 DT-17green
    Triple roll of 90 square feet in beautiful woven patters and wide stripes in medium green and silver
  • Brick#5
    $150.00 Brick#5
    Crazy fabulous shingles in pale yellow.
  • DK-102
    $150.00 DK-102
    A 1950's vinyl in a geometric grid in brown and white. Very chic.
  • D-269
    $150.00 D-269
    Stunning plaid in greens 
  • C-105
    $150.00 C-105
    This wallpaper feels like a tropical paradise. Louvered shutters in cream color with pink and green ivy tumbling.
  • DF-250
    $150.00 DF-250
    Softest pink plaid 1930 wallpaper. Really beautiful rendering, as all early plaids have this amazing 3 dimensional quality
  • C-113
    $150.00 C-113
    Rich green ivy on a yellow basket weave background 1940's wallpaper
  • MTF-1
    $200.00 MTF-1
    early 1920's wallpaper with varnish finish. Playful abstract patchwork, never saw anything like it. Really adorable!!
  • D-306
    $150.00 D-306
    soft dusty pink basket weave with beautiful details
  • M-11
    $150.00 M-11
    Pale subtle Moroccan tile room. Classic with damaged and distressed look.
  • wood-9
    $150.00 wood-9
    This is a TRIPLE roll of 90 sqare feet of a realistic blond wood parquet pattern
  • D-80
    $150.00 D-80
    1950's typical living room paper. Pink, grey, white free form pattern.
  • DT-72 GREY
    $300.00 DT-72 GREY
    This is a triple roll of 90 square feet. !940's very elegant wallpaper in slate and cream

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