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MORE FLORAL Vintage Wallpaper

  • Q-38brown
    $150.00 Q-38brown
    Scenic pattern with exotic landscapes in boxes with decorative moldings. Warn brown, maroon, green, and yellow.
  • G-48
    $150.00 G-48
    A 1940's wallpaper in maroon, white, grey and black. An interesting grid with zig zag pattern and florals in rectangles.
  • G-58
    $200.00 G-58
    Such a gorgeous wallpaper from 1940. Rich grey background with overall pattern of grids in metallic green and copper. Rich white on white flowers. Trully a work of art. Must have been made when they perfected metallic inks...
  • E-176
    $150.00 E-176
    Background of 2 tone grey plywood on geometric pattern With vases and bowl of bouquets of primary color flowers. 
  • E-95
    $150.00 E-95
    pretty 1950's wallpaper in pale pink with a subtle diamond pattern background. Charming bouquets in red, blue, and green.
  • E-23
    $150.00 E-23
    This is a 1950's kitchen or dinning room wallpaper. Pink wood grain background little planters and flowers in a slightly abstract pattern
  • GA-62
    $150.00 GA-62
    All over floral from the 1930's. Bouquets floating in pinks, blue, yellow, and green. Small strange grid appears with falling dots.????
  • C-113
    $150.00 C-113
    Rich green ivy on a yellow basket weave background 1940's wallpaper
  • D-384
    $150.00 D-384
    1940's wallpaper in Grey-green background with stylized gold and green polka dots in an astral pattern. Subtle classic 1940
  • BR-3
    $150.00 BR-3
    Blue background with thin dark pink lines on this 1930 wallpaper. Overlaid with lovely white and pink floral and palm leaves.
  • BR-2
    $150.00 BR-2
    1930-40's wallpaper with vertical pattern and white hibiscus.
  • RH-266
    $150.00 RH-266
    1950's pink background wallpaper with diamond grid in all over repeat. Dark pink, blue and green bouquets.
  • CR-45
    $150.00 CR-45
    typical 1930's all over floral pattern
  • RT-308
    $200.00 RT-308
    Large scale triple roll of 90 square feet of vintage 1940-50's wallpaper floral spay on creamy-white background.
  • BR-213
    $150.00 BR-213
    Very sweet 1940's vintage wallpaper pink and blue wide bands with yellow and cream morning glories. Vertical pattern perfect for dining room, stairway, or bedroom.
  • H-72 taupe
    $150.00 H-72 taupe
    1050's vintage wallpaper with taupe background and vertical bouquets of flowers forming a wide stripe. Very charming vertical print.

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