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  • AR-518
    $250.00 AR-518
    European 1960 geometric looks like a wood grain veneer in the most beautiful tones of earth colors. From blond to light brown and orange. Outstanding for a office, bar or modern living room.
  • AR-520
    $250.00 AR-520
    Palest lavender, rust, yellow, brown, circles. European 1960 wallpaper. The most beautiful modernist design. Soft, yet so strong in concept.
  • AR-521
    $250.00 AR-521
    European 1960 devastating air balloons on space age brown tubular background. Three dimensionl hourglass shapes in tones of mustard greens and yellows.
  • E-213
    $100.00 E-213
    1950's all over pattern
  • FR-523
    $250.00 FR-523
    Amazing graphic pop art design. Totally 3 dimensional in earth tones looks like a cement finish. Sooo Fab!!!!
  • FR-525
    $250.00 FR-525
    The classic 1950's lantern lamps that you used to raise and lower on a pulley. In  a classical design in browns and taupe. Elegant in every way. This is a European wallpaper.
  • FR-527
    $250.00 FR-527
    Like the inside of a sea shell, this lovely wallpaper from Europe flows in ribbons of creamy greens, yellows, and taupe. Will flow amazingly across your walls.
  • FR-528
    $300.00 FR-528
    AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!!! over scale, over the top, over whelming. If you want the best wall in town, this is it.
  • FR-529
    $250.00 FR-529
    OP ART greens and browns. Sort of a 3 dimensional dumbbell in outer space. Really sensational, really gorgeous. One of my all time favorites. It moves back and forth. YOU CAN"T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!!
  • FR-532
    $250.00 FR-532
    Hug, huge yellow flowers, with taupe leaves on a creamy background. Flowers are 10 inches x 10 inches. Really a fabulous floral in the most wonderful colors. This would be amazing in any room in the house.
  • P-102
    $100.00 P-102
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  • P-110
    $100.00 P-110
  • P-111
    $100.00 P-111
    printed in the 1970's in the western style of the 50's
  • P-27
    $100.00 P-27
    grey 1950's cartoon cowboys and full dress Indians with polka dot tee pees
  • P-27 yellow
    $100.00 P-27 yellow
  • P-67
    $55.00 P-67

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