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NOVELTY Wallpaper

  • AN-100
    $400.00 AN-100
    This is the rarest of early wallpapers. Printed in the 1930-40's. Sky blue background with the U.S.A.'s proudest air planes, trains, ships, and cars. Fleets of our greatest accomplishments, almost an American propaganda...
  • CS-23
    $150.00 CS-23
    Adorable Chartreuse vintage wallpaper from the 1950's. Lavender and purple polka dot ribbons with sweet daisies in a vertical pattern. Simply Fab!!
  • E-213
    $100.00 E-213
    1950's all over pattern
  • E-66
    $150.00 E-66
    Very early 1910 Sessionist wallpaper. Simple musical abstracts in primary colors on mottles cream background. Very rare.
  • Flock-27
    $300.00 Flock-27
    Velvet flock in blues and greens. Very charming stripe with stylized daisies
  • FR-532
    $250.00 FR-532
    Hug, huge yellow flowers, with taupe leaves on a creamy background. Flowers are 10 inches x 10 inches. Really a fabulous floral in the most wonderful colors. This would be amazing in any room in the house.
  • FR-552
    $250.00 FR-552
    Pop Art, psychedelic, so chic in blacks and tans. Op art aesthetic. This is FAB!!!!
  • FR-553
    $250.00 FR-553
    True op art aesthetic in oranges and browns. For the ultimate psychodelic room. As good as this gets.
  • FR-554
    $200.00 FR-554
    Sensational OP ART pattern in beautiful neutrals of black, taupe, cream, and mustard. Flowing balloon pattern will be amazing on you Moderne walls.
  • FR-555
    $250.00 FR-555
    Amazing 1950's pattern in burgundy, with black, white and mustard free form geometric patterns. A very great wallpaper! Your friends will die with envy.
  • FR-561
    $150.00 FR-561
    REALLY DRAMATIC!!!! Matt black and golden-silver star pattern. Almost 3 dimensional gilded stars of matt black background. The ultimate club paper.
  • FR-566
    $200.00 FR-566
    Very chic wallpapers in subtle op art pattern of undulating lines of orange and grey. Forms a sophisticated pattern in the softest of colors, while being very avant garde
  • M-11
    $150.00 M-11
    Pale subtle Moroccan tile room. Classic with damaged and distressed look.
  • P-109
    $150.00 P-109
    Great wood background with posters of every sport at the turn oif the century. Fabulous costumes and images
  • P-110
    $150.00 P-110
  • P-152
    $150.00 P-152
    1950's teenagers Totally hilarious

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