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Antique & Vintage Kitchen Wallpaper

  • B-138
    $100.00 B-138
    1940 Chunky white bricks with invading ivy cracking the surface.
  • B-140
    $100.00 B-140
  • C-104
    $100.00 C-104
    Mid-century American dining room/kitchen paper. Typical trellis motif entwined with raspberries and vines in several shades of green
  • C-106
    $100.00 C-106
    Mid-century American porch, kitchen, breakfast nook paper. Green ivy trailing over a faux brick wall.
  • another fabulous 1950's ivy on a basket woven background. Rich,rich color and depth.
    $100.00 C-112
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  • C-127
    $100.00 C-127
    1940s all over grid background with overlay of leaves and flowers. A knockout on the wall!
  • C-167
    $100.00 C-167
    Shadow boxes, ivy,
  • C-168
    $100.00 C-168
  • C-169
    $100.00 C-169
  • CR-44
    $150.00 CR-44
    One of my favorites! Faux bamboo woven blinds covered in rich green ivy. What sets this apart are the beautiful three dimensional slate gray shadows of the leaves. This will make any room magical...
  • E-12
    $100.00 E-12
    1950s American breakfast nook paper. A complete story with ships in bottles, piggy banks, coffee grinders, and pots of ivy.
  • E-182
    $100.00 E-182
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  • E-194
    $150.00 E-194
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  • E-202
    $100.00 E-202
  • E-203
    $100.00 E-203
  • E-204
    $100.00 E-204
    1920s American Varnished finish paper showing shelves of whimsical pots of ivy, vases of flowers, and fantasy coaches on a vertical background of polka dots and tile. Perfect cupboard or pantry...

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