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  • AH-120
    $200.00 AH-120
    wood grain background in wide stripes with adorable pots of flowers, fruit, and even a glass of Cote du Rhone Perfect for any kitchen or dining area. Wallpaper printed in the 1950's
  • B-133A
    $150.00 B-133A
    This is the last of the amazing ceiling papers that I collected. Meant to blend in, they were some of the most remarkable of the early papers I collected. Beautiful in their own right, most clients hung on the walls. This...
  • Brick-2
    $100.00 Brick-2
  • Brick-4
    $100.00 Brick-4
  • C-113
    $150.00 C-113
    Rich green ivy on a yellow basket weave background 1940's wallpaper
  • D-112 Brown
    $150.00 D-112 Brown
  • D-112 chartreuse
    $150.00 D-112 chartreuse
  • D-112 dark green
    $150.00 D-112 dark green
  • D-112 pink
    $150.00 D-112 pink
  • D-112 purple
    $150.00 D-112 purple
  • D-112 tourqoise
    $150.00 D-112 tourqoise
  • D-239
    $150.00 D-239
  • D-243 red
    $100.00 D-243 red
  • D-305
    $150.00 D-305
    Tones of beige and greens a 1930 pattern very typical of the period. Green ribbon-like grid and woven in chicken scratches.
  • D-306
    $100.00 D-306
    soft dusty pink basket weave with beautiful details
  • D-6 Green
    $100.00 D-6 Green

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