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  • Q-10
    $250.00 Q-10
     Made in 1952 by Sunworthy wallpaper Canada. A dramatic rolling scenic in a Chinoiserie pattern on dark green background.
  • Q-102 blue
    $100.00 Q-102 blue
     Very Victorian looking patter wallpaper. Blue back with putis swinging on trellis. Fabulous repeat patter. Used in Boardwalk Empire.
  • Q-124
    $150.00 Q-124
  • Q-138
    $200.00 Q-138
    Romantic scenic of a castle in some European fantasy. Surrounded by a stream and woodlands. Giant bouquets of yellow roses on geys and browns frame the story.
  • Q-33
    $100.00 Q-33
     1940 scenic wallpaper. View of Spanish landscape. Wrought iron, rich colors. A very unusual vintage wallpaper from the 1940's.
  • Q-34 green
    $100.00 Q-34 green
     Very romantic 1940's scenic. Green with lush foliage and arches.. You're somewhere exotic.
  • Q-35
    $150.00 Q-35
     Little vignettes surrounded by ivy of scenic houses. 1940 wallpaper. Scenic. Vintage 1940's elegant parlor room or dining room vintage...
  • Q-35 brown
    $150.00 Q-35 brown
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  • Q-40
    $100.00 Q-40
  • Q-60 grey
    $100.00 Q-60 grey
  • QC-116
    $250.00 QC-116
  • QC-88
    $150.00 QC-88
  • QC-90
    $250.00 QC-90
      triple roll
  • R-308
    $350.00 R-308
    Amazing scenic of European landscape with arched stone bridges and elaborate scroll work on a grey-green background
  • R-308A
    $400.00 R-308A
     The very best from my private collection. Used by the Copper Hewitt museum as the cover for their invitation to the landscape show. It is in their permanent collection of important American wallpapers. Arts and Craft...
  • RE-40
    $200.00 RE-40
    1920s varnished wallpaper with creamy background vertical bands of flowers. Charming bucolic scenes of the country life.

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