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  • R-414
    $200.00 R-414
  • this is a truly PINK paper with a satin stripe and bouquets of roses
    $150.00 R-426
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  • RA-86
    $400.00 RA-86
  • RE-134
    $250.00 RE-134
    Wiener Werkstatte polished finish delicate stylized flower pots AMAZING!!!
  • RE-180
    $200.00 RE-180
    The softest 1920s floral. Has the look of the earliest wallpapers
  • RH-250
    $200.00 RH-250
  • RH-260
    $150.00 RH-260
  • RH-261
    $150.00 RH-261
  • RH-267
    $150.00 RH-267
  • RH-279
    $150.00 RH-279
  • pale beige back with beautiful yellow floral and faint ferns in the background
    $100.00 RS-11
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  • Printed in the Netherlands just after World War 11, this lush floral with vertical glads and lilacs will bring romance to any room.
    $200.00 RS-2
     Bouquets of lilac and gladiolus on soft sea green background
  • S-1 beige
    $100.00 S-1 beige
  • S-13 dark
    $100.00 S-13 dark
  • S-18 dark
    $100.00 S-18 dark
  • S-4 pink
    $100.00 S-4 pink

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