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MORE FLORAL Vintage Wallpaper

  • C-136
    $150.00 C-136
      Lovely romantic bouquets alternating in a diamond pattern. Fabulous in repeat and totaly charming.
  • C-151
    $200.00 C-151
  • C-158
    $100.00 C-158
  • C-166
    $150.00 C-166
      Beautiful grey, teal blue and mustard on very sophisticated plaid, Totally Chic!
  • C-53
    $100.00 C-53
  • CF-1
    $150.00 CF-1
    1940's floral with grey background and pink dogwood lovely all over floral pattern
  • CR-46
    $100.00 CR-46
  • D-364
    $85.00 D-364
    small print from the 50-60's grey background ovals with tiny flowers. Very English
  • D-382
    $150.00 D-382
    Classic 1940's wallpaper beige back with stylized leaves in brown, white and gold. Very chic 1940
  • E-186
    $85.00 E-186
    1950's kitchen-dinette paper
  • G-57 white
    $150.00 G-57 white
      Large root trellis with grape leaves and tendrils. Perfect for dining area or summmer room. Really dynamic on the wall.
  • G-57 yellow
    $150.00 G-57 yellow
      Butter yellow background with twig trellis and climbing grape leaves in gorgeous fall colors.
  • G-61 dark
    $100.00 G-61 dark
  • H-15
    $100.00 H-15
  • H-35
    $150.00 H-35
      Great 1940's all over pattern. Perfect for any 40"s interior.
  • H-67
    $100.00 H-67

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