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  • R-514A
    $250.00 R-514A
    The 60's subtle op art in soft green pyramids. European double roll.
  • R-516A
    $300.00 R-516A
    1960's European double roll. The most beautiful egg forms in with the look of mens suiting fabrics.
  • R-531
    $100.00 R-531
  • R-542
    $350.00 R-542
    American 1960s avant garde looks like Sonia Delauney design in amazing candy colors
  • R-564
    $150.00 R-564
  • R-566
    $100.00 R-566
  • R-572
    $300.00 R-572
    1960 French wallpaper of amorphic protozoa form in the most beautiful greens, and mustard tones
  • R-576
    $250.00 R-576
    French 1960s futuristc stylized floral in browns, greens, and lime.
  • R-577
    $150.00 R-577
  • R-580
    $200.00 R-580
  • beautiful hand screened ink on ink print. Avante garde German paper from the 1950s
    $200.00 R-592
  • RD-62
    $250.00 RD-62
    rare 1910 confetti in the palest green and flesh tones
  • RE-100
    $350.00 RE-100
    The very best of my Wiener Werkstatte wallpapers. Had 100 doubles, only 8 left. Everyones favorite
  • RE-101
    $300.00 RE-101
    1930s with geometric with linoleum cut squares in reds, blacks, and grays. A classic L'art Deco paper.
  • RE-106
    $200.00 RE-106
    1930 geometrics on marble background
  • RE-127
    $250.00 RE-127
    Green marble back with Deco geometrics in primary colors. Great paper

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