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  • DT-88
    $200.00 DT-88
    This is a TRIPLE roll of 90 square feet of a beautiful woven basket weave. Amazing colors and textures
  • Flock 132
    $250.00 Flock 132
     The fabulous silver Mylar and velvet flock plaids. From the 1970's flock wallpaper original futuristc wallpapers
  • Flock 132 Blue
    $250.00 Flock 132 Blue
    vintage 1970 Mylar and velvet flock wallpaper. In amazing colors of chartreuse and tourquois. Original vintage 1970 flock
  • Flock-131 yellow
    $250.00 Flock-131 yellow
    Silver mylar with velvet flocking in yellow and white plaid design. American 1970s at its best insanity.
  • FR-523
    $250.00 FR-523
    Amazing graphic pop art design. Totally 3 dimensional in earth tones looks like a cement finish. Sooo Fab!!!!
  • FR-527
    $250.00 FR-527
    Like the inside of a sea shell, this lovely wallpaper from Europe flows in ribbons of creamy greens, yellows, and taupe. Will flow amazingly across your walls.
  • FR-529
    $250.00 FR-529
    OP ART greens and browns. Sort of a 3 dimensional dumbbell in outer space. Really sensational, really gorgeous. One of my all time favorites. It moves back and forth. YOU CAN"T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!!
  • FR-550
    $250.00 FR-550
    European pop art fushia, orange, everything you could want psychedelic baby!!!!
  • FR-552
    $250.00 FR-552
    Pop Art, psychedelic, so chic in blacks and tans. Op art aesthetic. This is FAB!!!!
  • FR-553
    $250.00 FR-553
    True op art aesthetic in oranges and browns. For the ultimate psychodelic room. As good as this gets.
  • R-5005
    $250.00 R-5005
  • R-5008
    $200.00 R-5008
  • R-5010
    $200.00 R-5010
  • R-514A
    $250.00 R-514A
    The 60's subtle op art in soft green pyramids. European double roll.
  • R-531
    $100.00 R-531
  • R-542
    $350.00 R-542
    American 1960s avant garde looks like Sonia Delauney design in amazing candy colors