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  • RE-101
    $300.00 RE-101
    1930s with geometric with linoleum cut squares in reds, blacks, and grays. A classic L'art Deco paper.
  • RE-106
    $200.00 RE-106
    1930 geometrics on marble background
  • RE-127
    $250.00 RE-127
    Green marble back with Deco geometrics in primary colors. Great paper
  • RE-17
    $250.00 RE-17
    Typical 1930s kitchen paper with L'art Deco silver geometrics and flowers in primary colors
  • RE-173
    $250.00 RE-173
    LOVE IT 1930 geometric white with red, green. blue squares of tes pots and fruit.
  • RE-20
    $200.00 RE-20
    Blue is unusual in this type paper. 1930s geometric L'art Deco shelves and flowers
  • RH-111
    $350.00 RH-111
    1930 American classic geometric with primary color boxes and cheakerboards on a soft newsprint paper background
  • RH-118
    $200.00 RH-118
    Crackle background on very early 1920s paper. Soft green and red free form notes on surface.
  • W-52 ORANGE
    $150.00 W-52 ORANGE

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