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  • D-67 DARK
    $100.00 D-67 DARK
  • D-67 GREEN
    $100.00 D-67 GREEN
  • D-67 LIGHT
    $100.00 D-67 LIGHT
  • D-80
    $85.00 D-80
    1950's typical living room paper. Pink, grey, white free form pattern.
  • DK-103
    $100.00 DK-103
    1960's vinyl with a very 1930's look brown and white grid very chic
  • DK-105
    $100.00 DK-105
    Done in the 60's vinyl with a L'art Deco pattern. Maroon-brown and cream
  • DS-36
    $100.00 DS-36
    Very lovely teal blue, maroon, and white stripe from the 1930-40's Slight lattice pattern running through the blue.
  • DS-37
    $100.00 DS-37
    Grey, maroon, and white wide stripe very typical of the 1930-40's subtle lattice in grey
  • DS-38
    $100.00 DS-38
    Soft colors of greens, yellows, and cream. Really beautiful stripe wallpaper. The colors are inspirational.
  • DS-39
    $100.00 DS-39
    Very popular stripe everyone wants this one. 1940's
  • DT-17 green
    $150.00 DT-17 green
    A TRIPLE roll of 90 square feet. Wide woven pattern stripe in siver, grey, and soft green.
  • DT-17 rose
    $150.00 DT-17 rose
    This is a TRIPLE roll of 90 square feet. 1930's woven wide stripe in grey, silver and dusty rose.
  • DT-61
    $150.00 DT-61
    1930's TRIPLE ROLL of 90 square feet. Elegant woven stripe in soft blue and greys with silver.
  • DT-71
    $150.00 DT-71
  • DT-72 GREY
    $150.00 DT-72 GREY
  • DT-81
    $150.00 DT-81
    Triple roll of 90 square feet. Very artistic brush strokes in brown, white, sienna