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  • AR-517
    $250.00 AR-517
    1960 European huge bulls eye in taupe, tan, with a mustard eye. Overscale, and glorious in repeat. A knockout!!!
  • AR-518
    $250.00 AR-518
    European 1960 geometric looks like a wood grain veneer in the most beautiful tones of earth colors. From blond to light brown and orange. Outstanding for a office, bar or modern living room.
  • AR-519
    $250.00 AR-519
    1960 European pointalist pattern of undulating ribbons in grey, rust, mustard, brown. Amazing movement on the wall.
  • AR-520
    $250.00 AR-520
    Palest lavender, rust, yellow, brown, circles. European 1960 wallpaper. The most beautiful modernist design. Soft, yet so strong in concept.
  • AR-521
    $250.00 AR-521
    European 1960 devastating air balloons on space age brown tubular background. Three dimensionl hourglass shapes in tones of mustard greens and yellows.
  • D-104
    $100.00 D-104
  • D-150
    $100.00 D-150
  • D-159
    $100.00 D-159
  • D-167 GREEN
    $100.00 D-167 GREEN
  • D-172
    $150.00 D-172
  • D-172 red
    $150.00 D-172 red
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  • D-209
    $150.00 D-209
  • D-209 DARK
    $150.00 D-209 DARK
  • D-239
    $100.00 D-239
  • D-274
    $100.00 D-274
  • D-283
    $100.00 D-283
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