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  • AR-18
    $200.00 AR-18
    1940's Modernist wallpaper by Walcrest. This is as chic as it gets! Stylized pattern in greys and maroons. Surreal 3 dimensional scrolls with a grey and white leafy fern back. Dorothy Draper would have loved this. If you...
  • D-104
    $150.00 D-104
  • D-11
    $150.00 D-11
    Pale pinks and blues in a 1940's stripe, really sweet and beautiful.
  • D-150
    $150.00 D-150
  • D-158
    $150.00 D-158
    1940 stripe in maroon, grey, and white. Very chic.
  • D-159
    $100.00 D-159
  • D-167 GREEN
    $150.00 D-167 GREEN
  • D-202
    $100.00 D-202
    Slate background with dramatic maroon and silver stripes. Really elegant American wallpaper from the 1940's.
  • D-209
    $150.00 D-209
  • D-209 DARK
    $150.00 D-209 DARK
  • D-210
    $150.00 D-210
    Lovely stripe with coral and several tones of green.
  • D-239
    $150.00 D-239
  • D-246
    $100.00 D-246
    Very chic 1940's grey and free form baroque pattern with slight gold accents
  • D-274
    $100.00 D-274
  • D-285
    $100.00 D-285
    Red, white, and blue stripe. Patriotic 1960's
  • D-314
    $150.00 D-314

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