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  • A-135
    $100.00 A-135
     Apricot background with green, blue, and red floral. 1950's floral wallpaper made in America. Wonderful pattern and color in repeat.
  • FR-522
    $250.00 FR-522
    Done in the 1960's, but has the look of an Arts and Crafts wallpaper. Stylized gold and terra cotta trees on a wide stripe background. Very classic design.
  • FR-527
    $250.00 FR-527
    Like the inside of a sea shell, this lovely wallpaper from Europe flows in ribbons of creamy greens, yellows, and taupe. Will flow amazingly across your walls.
  • FR-532
    $250.00 FR-532
    Hug, huge yellow flowers, with taupe leaves on a creamy background. Flowers are 10 inches x 10 inches. Really a fabulous floral in the most wonderful colors. This would be amazing in any room in the house.
  • H-55
    $150.00 H-55
     Classic 1940 wallpaper of leaves floating on a textured medium green background. Perfect for any 1940's setting.
  • R-224
    $250.00 R-224
  • R-235
    $200.00 R-235
    softest pale yellow with dainty morning glories in pink and blue and tiny fades ribbons. From the 1920s
  • R-240
    $200.00 R-240
    Lushious medium green background with stripe grid of two tone green forming squares. Pink and white carnations tied with chartreuse ribbon on forground. Quite amazing!!
  • R-26
    $200.00 R-26
    1920s wallpaper. Soft pinks and greens in a stripe pattern with vertical leaves. One of the best of the 20's wallpapers.
  • R-292
    $200.00 R-292
    Early 1920's maroon leaves on a sweet polka dot grey on grey background. Very early hand print.
  • R-300A
    $200.00 R-300A
    Elegant 1930's living room original wallpaper in dusty pink with a vertical pattern. Just gorgeous.
  • R-302 A
    $200.00 R-302 A
    1940 living room or bedroom wallpaper. Typical stripe background with blue and dusty rose pattern. Beautiful vertical wallpaper pattern. Very elegant...
  • European wallpaper from the late 1950's. Exquisite rendering of Poppies on a faux grass back.
    $200.00 R-312A
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  • R-403A
    $200.00 R-403A
    The palest green background on this 1940's wallpaper. Bouquets of hibiscus blooms in reds, pinks, and white, with green stems and leaves. Glorious wallpaper.
  • R-410
    $200.00 R-410
    lovely and classic late 1930-1940's wallpaper. Softest blue and dusty rose wide stripes with white leaves and sprigs of maroon. Beautiful vertical pattern with overlay of free flowing floral pattern. Perfect for living room...
  • R-411
    $150.00 R-411
     1940's wallpaper vintage original with dusty rose tone in background. Slight blur stripe with an overlay of white leaves. Perfect for any L'art Deco to 1940's room...

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