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FLORAL Wallpaper

  • A-666
    $200.00 A-666
    The most elegant Edwardian pattern in brown, black, and grey. So chic!!!!!
  • C-26
    $200.00 C-26
    One of the great 1930's papers lush overall tropical leaves in pinks and blues. Makes an outstanding impact.
  • C-60
    $150.00 C-60
    Elegant 1940's vintage wallpaper with grey-green basket weave background. Overlay of stylized floral in white and yellow. Very beautiful in repeat.
  • FR-522
    $250.00 FR-522
    Done in the 1960's, but has the look of an Arts and Crafts wallpaper. Stylized gold and terra cotta trees on a wide stripe background. Very classic design.
  • FR-527
    $250.00 FR-527
    Like the inside of a sea shell, this lovely wallpaper from Europe flows in ribbons of creamy greens, yellows, and taupe. Will flow amazingly across your walls.
  • FR-532
    $250.00 FR-532
    Hug, huge yellow flowers, with taupe leaves on a creamy background. Flowers are 10 inches x 10 inches. Really a fabulous floral in the most wonderful colors. This would be amazing in any room in the house.
  • R-10 wallpaper
    $150.00 R-10 wallpaper
    The most subtle white and silver wide stripe with large bows tied across. Tiny pink polka dots on bows. So feminine and gorgeous
  • R-202
    $200.00 R-202
    Amazing vintage wallpaper by The Joliet Co. Rich emerald green with a grid of paler green and an overlay of pink carnations. Chartruese bows tie it all together. A really exceptional wallpaper.
  • R-235
    $200.00 R-235
    softest pale yellow with dainty morning glories in pink and blue and tiny fades ribbons. From the 1920s
  • R-237
    $200.00 R-237
    A truly romantic floral wallpaper right out a New Orleans bordello. Lavender- grey architectural grid with cascading florals in fushia and pale orange. Simply gorgeous!!
  • R-237pink
    $200.00 R-237pink
    Romantic New Orleans look with pink architectural grid. Overlay of cascading lilies in white and cream on lavender background.
  • R-243
    $200.00 R-243
    A really stunning 1940's American wallpaper. On a dark pink and maroon diagonal grid, lush white and grey blossoms and leaves with a touch of silver. A gorgeous wallpaper up in repeat.
  • R-300A
    $200.00 R-300A
    Elegant 1930's living room original wallpaper in dusty pink with a vertical pattern. Just gorgeous.
  • R-308A
    $400.00 R-308A
     The very best from my private collection. Used by the Copper Hewitt museum as the cover for their invitation to the landscape show. It is in their permanent collection of important American wallpapers. Arts and Craft...
  • European wallpaper from the late 1950's. Exquisite rendering of Poppies on a faux grass back.
    $200.00 R-312A
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  • R-403A
    $200.00 R-403A
    The palest green background on this 1940's wallpaper. Bouquets of hibiscus blooms in reds, pinks, and white, with green stems and leaves. Glorious wallpaper.

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