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BATHROOM Wallpaper

  • AR-30
    $200.00 AR-30
    Very dramatic wallpaper showing sailing on high seas. Grey with pink and white. Beautifully rendered.
  • CS-23
    $150.00 CS-23
    Adorable Chartreuse vintage wallpaper from the 1950's. Lavender and purple polka dot ribbons with sweet daisies in a vertical pattern. Simply Fab!!
  • F-100 Green
    $150.00 F-100 Green
  • F-100 Pink
    $150.00 F-100 Pink
  • F-100 Tan
    $150.00 F-100 Tan
  • F-101 Green
    $150.00 F-101 Green
  • F-110
    $150.00 F-110
  • M-11
    $150.00 M-11
    Pale subtle Moroccan tile room. Classic with damaged and distressed look.
  • MTF-1
    $200.00 MTF-1
    early 1920's wallpaper with varnish finish. Playful abstract patchwork, never saw anything like it. Really adorable!!
  • RD-45
    $250.00 RD-45
  • RE-1
    $200.00 RE-1
    Beautiful 1920's faux marble in soft pastel colors. One of my favorites
  • RE-3
    $150.00 RE-3
    Very chic 1920's faux marble 

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